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Regions in Tanzania

Tanzania is made up of 30 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Tanzania. Information on all primary administrative regions in Tanzania.

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Primary administrative regions in Tanzania

There are 30 regions in Tanzania in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Tanzania
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Simiyu Simiyu Region1.1,584,157--
Arusha Arusha Region2.1,694,310Arusha Arusha341,136
Manyara Manyara Region3.1,148,070Babati Babati34,291
Kagera Kagera Region4.2,189,850Bukoba Bukoba70,628
Pemba South Pemba South Region5.195,116Chake Chake Chake Chake21,686
Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam Region6.2,791,063Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam2,698,652
Dodoma Dodoma Region7.2,083,588Dodoma Dodoma180,541
Geita Geita Region8.1,739,530Geita Geita40,000
Iringa Iringa Region9.941,238Iringa Iringa111,820
Pwani Coast Region10.1,098,668Kibaha Kibaha23,651
Kigoma Kigoma Region11.2,127,930Kigoma Kigoma164,268
Zanzibar Central/South Zanzibar Central/South Region12.115,588Koani Koani2,211
Lindi Lindi Region13.864,652Lindi Lindi41,912
Mbeya Mbeya Region14.2,707,410Mbeya Mbeya291,649
Zanzibar North Zanzibar North Region15.187,455Mkokotoni Mkokotoni2,572
Morogoro Morogoro Region16.2,218,492Morogoro Morogoro250,902
Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro Region17.1,640,087Moshi Moshi156,959
Katavi Katavi Region18.564,604Mpanda Mpanda73,338
Mtwara Mtwara Region19.1,270,854Mtwara Mtwara96,602
Mara Mara Region20.1,743,830Musoma Musoma121,119
Mwanza Mwanza Region21.2,772,509Mwanza Mwanza436,801
Njombe Njombe Region22.702,097Njombe Njombe46,724
Shinyanga Shinyanga Region23.1,534,808Shinyanga Shinyanga107,362
Singida Singida Region24.1,370,637Singida Singida62,432
Ruvuma Ruvuma Region25.1,190,348Songea Songea126,449
Rukwa Rukwa Region26.1,004,539Sumbawanga Sumbawanga89,161
Tabora Tabora Region27.2,291,623Tabora Tabora145,292
Tanga Tanga Region28.2,045,205Tanga Tanga224,876
Pemba North Pemba North Region29.211,732Wete Wete26,450
Zanzibar Urban/West Zanzibar Urban/West Region30.593,678Zanzibar Zanzibar403,658